Export & import documents will be prepared as per government rules and need of destination country.

Required documents:
1. Commercial invoice
2. Packing list
3. Certificate of origin (chamber of commerce).
4. GSP(Generalized system of preference) Form ʻAʼ.(required for some countries)
5. Letter of credit (LC) or advance payment statement received from the bank (APC).
6. Custom Declaration form (yellow page).
7. Copy of firm/ company registration certificate.
8. EXIM code certificate.
9. Airway bill (AWB).
10. Authorization Letter for clearance on behalf of shipper/exporters.
11. Certificate issued by Handicraft association of Nepal. For Nepalese handicrafts/goods
12. Authorization letter from archeology department.(If required).
13. Plant Quarantine Certificate/ Phyto Sanitary Certificate.
14. Lab Test Report (Department of Food Technology and Quality Control).
15. Certificate of insurance policy
16. Import license if applicable.
17. Foreign Exchange Declaration form of Nepal Rastra bank (Central Bank of Nepal).

The following is a list of items that require special written permission from the
government departments

Before Export

  • Department of Archaeology
    Any bronze, brass, copper or silver statue, any Thanka paintings, illustrated manuscripts,
    wooden masks or woodcarvings and other carved goods.
  • Department of Veterinary Science
    The meat, skin or flesh (dried or otherwise) of wild or domestic animals.
  • Department of National Parks& Wildlife
    Skulls, horns tails, hooves or other body parts of domestic animals.Plants , flowers
  • Mine Department
  • Department of Forest
    Incense powder, rudraskshi beads
  • Plant Resource Department
    Ayurvedic/ herbal oil /marc/ extracts/ crude.

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